What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance assures that the property you are purchasing is free of claims, liens, or encumbrances. It is a one time purchase that insures the property for as long as you own it. The premium is based on the sales price and are set and regulated by the Insurance Department of the State of Florida.

Title Insurance Protects Against:

Insanity and incompetence
Undisclosed or missing heirs
Unrecorded contracts for sale
Bankruptcies in other jurisdictions
After-born or adopted children
Suppressed or undiscovered wills or codicils
Power of Attorney revoked by death or insanity
Claims arising by reason of foreign divorces
Erroneous interpretations of statutes and rules of law

Defect of Record:

Final Judgments-recorded certified judgments
Tax Liens
Assessment liens

Hidden Defects:

Unrecorded documents
Transfer of real estate by minor
Forged signatures
Mental state of prior owners
Homestead rights of spouses

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